Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Professional support to encourage and build your confidence.

Do you want to make the best of yourself or your organisation?

Have you lost sight of the wood for the trees? 

Does the light at the end of the tunnel seem to be further and further away? 

As the world of work becomes increasingly unpredictable, a conversation with an experienced executive coach can provide you and your team with the structured support, guidance and confidence you need to develop and move forward.  Even when things are going well, coaching provides an opportunity to build confidence and lay the foundations for greater success. When the picture looks bleak, our coaches can show you how to use mistakes and failures as opportunities for learning.

At We Coach One, we believe that coaching is all about helping you to get to know yourself better and discover your true potential.  We don’t just tell you want the answer is or deliver a pre-cooked solution.  We work with you in a manner which allows you to identify for yourself what your real goals are, choose the best options that will work for you and set out an action plan to make it all happen. 

Whether it’s a whole new project or just that sinking feeling that things are drifting out of control,  our coaches are committed to building a rewarding relationship that will provide real, lasting benefit.

Our Coaches

The 6 WeCoach.One Coaches come from very diverse backgroung and horizons.



"I have worked directly with Mark for more than six years and have always found him to be constructive, very personable and highly professional. I find his in-depth challenging and summation particularly helpful in guiding me to a greater understanding of my direction.

He is both a big picture and a details person, with the gift of being able to communicate in relatable language.  

I would be happy to recommend Mark, particularly where the client requires experience in objectively focussing on the right things."

Nigel C.

Chairman, Advisory Council

Green Energy Sector - European

 "I really appreciated this coaching session with Eric. We went into the practical and detailed thoughts and approaches to really go through how in practise I should approach the next steps in my career and how to secure the next position. Very pragmatic, to the point and helpful. Thanks.."

Jonas T.


Energy Sector - Netherlands

 "Kim observed what I said and then reflected back in a way that helped me to break things down, understand why they had happened and where they had come from, so that I could make actionable plans."

Xxxxx X.


Xxxxxxxx Sector - Country

Diane is a Chiropractic for the mind!

JC, Consultant, research agency

Diane's ability to bring her breadth of business knowledge to the table, along with her empathetic approach, helps leaders approach issues with a different level of thinking, enabling fresh insights into the challenges faced.

FC, Founder, fashion and trends consultancy

Diane has a fantastic ability to bring clarity to a problem and excite both individuals and organisations about achieving their true potential.

She is passionate about her work and always motivates you to go further with your thinking.

BD, Head of Strategy, digital agency

Diane is amazing.  She is a truly deep thinker and was able to draw things out of me that I couldn't fathom on my own.  Through her resolute patience and personal support she was able to complete what was mission impossible.

TB, MD, marketing agency

I have been working with Tom for a while now and he is BRILLIANT! He listens - he seeks to understand exactly where you’re coming from - he wants to know what makes you and your business ’tick’, and his advice is completely tailored to your situation. And he’s extremely creative - my bottom line has improved a lot since having him on my side.

CEO, consumer products (SME)