About us

We Coach One is a diverse team of coaches, mentors, and consultants. Powered by our diversity, we, as one, diagnose your problems to identify root causes, treat complexity with flexibility, and nourish growth to develop talents and ideas. We, coaches, act as one, but we, that is you and me, take this journey together.


Here lies the emphasis of coaching as an ambitious business solution. We do not tell you what to do – rather, we support your endeavour to seek your organic strengths. We believe the source of survival in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world is to be found within ourselves. Our ambition is to work in a holistic manner, to encourage and build your confidence.


Without one, there would be no two and three. One symbolises not only the unity but also the ambition to be number one. One is the first number, a mark of a pioneer and a sign of uniqueness. The transition from zero to one is a process of creation. When Detective Columbo says ‘just one more thing’, the number enshrines continuation, persistence, and determination.


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