Our coaches

Mark Rogerson

“For me, coaching is all about helping people reach their true potential.  It’s a shared journey towards what they want to achieve for themselves, their team or their organisation.”

As a strongly-focused consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, I have delivered training, coaching and mentoring to senior political and industrial figures throughout the UK and Europe. My clients have included the major EU institutions, the US State Department, several oil majors, a number of international financial exchanges, Big Pharma, Biotechs and a wide range of SMEs. 

Over this time, I have developed a robust understanding of governance, ethical issues and decision-making and is sensitive to the challenges presented by cross-cultural workforces. I managed the expansion of the hugely successful Erasmus student-exchange programme from a European to an international project under the banner of Erasmus Mundus and oversaw communications for the EURES international work placement scheme for more than ten years. 

I hold an MA in Economics and Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews and am a visiting Professor in Communications at the Brussels International College of Journalism. I have been accredited as a coach to the European Institutions for more than 15 years.  I am a qualified Thomas PPA practitioner and an Affiliate of the CIPD.


Kim’s view:

Mark is able to ask very challenging questions in a sensitive and respectful way. He enables you to view issues from new perspectives and identify opportunities for development.

Diane Lurie

There's immense pressure on senior people to solve big problems and see opportunities, and this requires next level thinking and creating.

I help people do their best thinking and creating by bringing a super-broad spectrum of tools and perspectives to stimulate, inspire, challenge and support; and making sure people get the time and space they need to explore.

Self-awareness and discovery are a big part of the work: knowing who we are, what makes us unique, what are our zones of genius, what we really want to create.  I help clients see possibilities, let go of what’s getting in the way, and take action. 

Before starting my own consultancy in 2014, I was board director of advertising agencies, heading up strategic thinking and brand strategyIn VUCA environments, I helped clients grow their brands, often outperforming the market on significantly lower spends.  This background in strategic thinking and human understanding I bring to my coaching, resulting in laser sharp focus and emotional depth.  It’s where my passion for developing people began, and I coached and mentored colleagues in strategic thinking, human understanding and effectiveness, and trained the industry for the Scottish IPA.

I’ve been coaching and mentoring ever since. In 2020 I decided to formalise my experience, completing my ILM 7 training with RTC Leadership & Coaching at the start of 2021.

I believe passionately in the life-changing power of coaching and regularly invest in it to keep growing and learning.  I’m a proud Member of the Association for Coaching and adhere to the Global Code of Ethics.


Mark's view:

Diane’s great strength as a coach is her sense of empathy. She has the ability to see things from your point of view almost before you’ve seen them yourself. She travels with you on the coaching journey, not forcing the pace, but helping you find your way.

Kim Diprose

I am married with three adult children.

I have worked in health and social care for thirty years, working at a national level in both charity and NHS organisations for around fifteen years. Much of my work has been focused on support to enable personal decision-making and a high-quality patient/user experience. This has included embedding consistent quality standards and quality improvement methodologies into service development processes. With extensive experience working within matrix structures, I am a highly skilled communicator.

I am very aware of the pressures involved in balancing limited budgets whilst delivering a high-quality service, particularly within the health and social care context.

I have used coaching skills within my work for many years, including both mentoring and coaching relationships.

I completed my formal ILM 7 training in early 2021, and am now working to achieve accredited status.

Tom's view:

Kim is a brilliant mind to have a constructive dialogue with. She sees directly through the cloud of issues and identifies the problems at the core. She is well-organised, respectful, and sharp, but at the same time, she is kind, caring, and charming. She is a great coach to organise your cloudy thoughts in a brainstorming manner.

Kersten Catella

Hi, I’m Kersten. I’ve been one of those people lucky enough to love what I do. Thats not to say I have not taken my share of hard knocks along the way but what it means is that I have a natural enthusiasm for what I do and it is the fibre of how I work. With over 21 years of experience in my field of Commercial Horticulture and board level Management, the skills learned and adopted along the journey have proven highly transferable and enabled me to establish my own business and brand, helping SME’s grow and sustain their ambitions by working alongside their teams to develop, coach and mentor them to build their own strengths and confidences.

With a strong technical slant, I help establish processes and policies to guide future training needs  to ensure a robust business practice engaging employees at all levels. A strong collaborator and trusted colleague, I forge close relationships with colleagues and board members alike.


Having been raised in South Africa with a Danish parent, i have been fortunate to live, study, work  and travel to many diverse countries from which I have gained many valuable insights, theories and practices that make up who I have become. Never far from my next adventure, I maximise my time outdoors with my family and my medal winning spaniel.


My Coaching Topic:


Going back into full time employment on a 5 year contract to help a SME transform and grow.

Balancing private and professional life without becoming resentful.


Eric’s view:

Kersten is able to find the fine balance between empathy, rigour in the approach and dedication. Her deep understanding of Executive challenges is a undeniable plus.

Tom Hashimoto

I specialise in international and intergenerational communication. Although I come from financial and legal backgrounds, I believe in the power of intrinsic motivations, and I empower my coachees and mentees with emotional intelligence. My personal brand is defined by the following words: 'fearless', 'funny', and 'ambitious'.

  • With my truly global experience and an emphasis on fierce intellect, I have confidence in solving problems. Impossible is not a fact, but an opinion, and possible is not an opinion, but an option.
  • Whatever the journey you will have with me, from learning to creative thinking, my sense of humour shall make your experience more memorable and enjoyable.
  • I am ambitious for the clients. I think big for my clients, and I earn my living by thinking.

Additionally, as I continuously teach undergrads since 2008, I have accumulated a unique skillset of know-hows as to constructively communicate with the so-called ‘Millennials’, ‘Generation Z’, and ‘Generation Alpha’. They are great tools to survive in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

Apart from my associate professorship, I run a film production company (Shifting Tides Productions) in the UK and EU (Lithuania).

Thomas International PPA practitioner. FHEA, LL.M, DPhil (Oxon). VP Lions Club (Warsaw Gentium). British Mensa.


Kersten's view:

Tom is an immediately relatable coach in his approach towards you. He engages quickly with you and reaches into your positive side using his technique of seeing the best in you. He draws out with you a strong narrative and enquiring conversation which nurtures you towards your own thoughts and direction.

Eric Le Martret

I am 60, married and Franco-British. I migrated to the UK 13 years ago. My 2 kids are adults and have their own lives in France and Canada.

I spent all my 38 years career in Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), Audit, Privacy and Security Management, mostly as a practitioner. Prior to co-creating WeCoach.com, I created IRM Expert Ltd and Belasis Ltd, two Companies dedicated to IRM/GRC and Security services and solutions. I spent almost 5 years with ServiceNow (NYSE), as EMEA Head of IRM/GRC & Security Practice. Before that, I worked in different positions for KPMG UK, BG Group, T-Systems or Capgemini, as Chief Risk Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, COO or Head of GRC, and for RM Partners and ADIS as CEO.

I am a former member of the Institute of Risk Management and I am certified to ISO 31000. I hold an MBA (International business) from AUDENCIA (France).

I have passion for sailing, singing, cooking, coaching, Islay single malt whiskies and red Bourgogne wine.


I have been coaching and mentoring for various Companies, while at Executive positions, in particular at Capgemini Group, when COO of one of their subsidiaries. I have been trained – but not certified – as coach by the Capgemini University. I had about half a dozen coachees over 5 years between 2003 and 2008. I have had 3 cochees as well while at ServiceNow.

Having turned 60 this year, I know I have a lot to share, hence I decided to get formally trained by RTC and certified by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

I am finishing my certification process as International Executive Coach (ILM7) by end of 2021.

I am currently coaching the COO of a European leading Energy Trading Company from the Netherlands.


With my background, I am very confident coaching Executives from the following sectors:

  • Technology, hardware, software and services
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Business Services and Advisory

I have been CEO, COO, CxO of various nature. I had as well a couple of Non-Executive Director positions, so I feel comfortable coaching at CxO and Board level. Of course, I will be happy to coach as well your VPs, your Directors and their teams.

Diane's view:

Eric combines all the wisdom and experience of a successful career in business with enormous empathy  and insight into his clients as the unique individuals they are. He makes sure they have everything they need to achieve their vision in terms of practical strategies and emotional support.