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These days there is much talk of a new normal, with a greater emphasis on flexibility and increasing numbers of people looking to work remotely or with some form of hybrid combination of remote and office time.  This can present challenges for senior managers more familiar with the traditional office culture who now need to learn new ways to manage and support their teams. At the same time they may also be re-evaluating their personal attitudes to life and work due to all of the pressures and challenges experienced through the Covid-19 pandemic.


This is where Coaching comes in.               

Coaching can help you to assess your own leadership style and approach, and help to increase your confidence and insight into how your behaviour affects your colleagues and teams. Evidence demonstrates that coaching can improve leadership and management behaviour, and that those improvements support improved team satisfaction, reduced turnover intentions and increased organisational commitment.


Challenging situation at work? At a crossroads? Coaching can offer you the support to identify the most effective way to manage the situation with confidence and compassion.


Thinking about applying for a more senior role? We can help you prepare yourself for that transition, and put yourself in the best position to achieve a successful outcome.


Work or retire? It's not just a two-way choice. If you're near retirement and just want to step back, that's fine. But there are plenty of other choices - part-time or voluntary work, charities, non-executive directorships...We can help you make the right choices for the next phase of your life.

See below some examples of coaching situations held by our Coaches in the recent years.


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A COO of an International firm in the Netherlands was looking at opening himself to the market for his next move ad a CEO role and needed help to undestand how and where to start, how to position himself, how to discuss this with his current Employer, how to prepare himself for the challenge, how to introduce and get his plans approved by his family, etc..

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