Coaching or mentoring?  Or both?

Coaching and mentoring are both powerful approaches, helping clients unlock their potential and step into their futures. 

While the boundaries between them are blurring, they offer fundamentally different ways of achieving success.

Coaching enhances self-awareness, helping individuals explore who they are and want to be and the path they wish to travel.  It seeks to draw out the client’s own wisdom and solutions, empowering them to act authentically and in accordance with their inner guidance.  Self-belief grows as their actions bear fruit.   

Mentoring seeks to pass on the voice of experience.  It offers suggestions, advice and solutions that have worked for others and can be relied upon to bring success again.  For example, when clients feel they lack specific knowledge and skills, mentoring can provide proven routes to move the client forward and instil confidence. 

All of us here at We Coach One practise as both coaches and mentors.  We usually lead with one approach or the other, depending on the goals and preferences of each client.  There are occasions when we might flex into mentoring with a coachee, if it seems helpful and needed in the moment.  And there are occasions when we work with a client as coach-mentor throughout.

At the initial consultation we’ll discuss your vision and objectives and agree an appropriate outline approach, which forms part of our contract with you.  At the beginning of each session, we revisit what we’re intending to achieve together and how best to get there.